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Strata Flooring Selected for Salt Restaurant and Zaibatsu Salon

Property owner of the two-storey 1940s building, Max Paterson was seeking a versatile product with upmarket looks and the warmth and aesthetic of timber to suit the landmark corner site. The building’s original rimu floor was no longer viable and would be too expensive to replace. Both businesses wanted to replicate traditional timber.

Durability and easy care and maintenance were also factors in the selection process. The nature of the businesses and busy traffic flow required a product that was both attractive and durable.

Strata Flooring features an engineered closed cell PVC structural core that is 100% waterproof, rigid and dimensionally stable. This means planks resist warping, expansion, contraction and help hide subfloor imperfections. The ceramic bead overlay provides a tough, durable surface finish to withstand the restaurant clientele arriving from the beach with sandy feet. Difficult to scratch and dent, the flooring can withstand heavy traffic.

For the hair salon, hair dyes were left on the surface of a Strata sample for three hours and to the surprise of the hairdressers, the dye just wiped away. Regular vacuuming or dusting with a microfiber mop to remove grit and dirt along with cleaning using a Ph. neutral vinyl cleaner restores the surface to its attractive appearance. Ultra-Fresh treatment inhibits the growth of odour and stain-causing mould and mildew on the top surface layer of the flooring.

Strata’s simple Droplock 100 end joints require no glues or screws and proved an easy installation proposition for the building team. The flooring was able to be laid over the top of the existing floor, saving more time and money. Woodland 3mm EVA underlay installed beneath the Strata provides additional sound insulation, reducing transfer noise between the two floors.

With its outstanding performance, durability, and longevity, the Strata flooring will not only look good for many years, but it will also be comfortable underfoot for the staff of these two thriving seaside businesses.

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