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What is the Best Flooring for High Sun?

When installing new flooring, one of the first questions our customers have is ‘how long will it last?’

Durability and manufacturing quality are one part of the equation, but fade resistance is also a key thing to consider when looking for a long-lasting floor covering. There’s nothing more disheartening than to see patches of sun damage on your flooring when you invested so much time and effort to get that perfect look you paid for.

In high sun spaces, flooring needs to be fit for purpose – resilient and long-lasting. So what is the best option for your space? At Woodland Lifestyle, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our laminate flooring, and with that comes long-lasting fade resistance for even the sunniest of New Zealand homes.

Anti-fade laminate flooring for homes and businesses

Laminate flooring provides the ultimate easy-to-clean option for flooring with the look and feel of real hardwood. However, along with reducing the hefty price tag of real hardwood, laminate flooring is also much more durable than wood flooring.

Hardwood is known to discolour in strong sunlight, sometimes forming dark sun spots and in certain cases, fading rapidly. It can be treated to lessen this fading, but in those situations, it can mean sacrificing the wood’s natural finish.

At Woodland Lifestyle we offer a range of laminates that accurately mimic real wood with a unique, organic aesthetic, avoiding any impression of repeating wood patterns when installed in your space. The result is a high-quality laminate that can produce the look of hardwood without the risk of fading in the sun.

Why is laminate flooring fade-resistant?

Modern laminate flooring is an incredibly high-tech product. Through an extensive manufacturing process, laminate floorings receive protective coatings to ensure they are resistant to water, scratches and of course, sunlight! Whilst laminates aren’t 100% fade-proof, with the right treatment, they remain fade resistant for a very long time. 

This fade resistance comes from a clear barrier coating of aluminum oxide and UV protectant, which provides a high-grade protective layer to the laminate boards, safeguarding against long-term sun exposure. Alongside other layers of wax and sealant, laminates are designed to be as strong and long-lasting as possible. 

For rooms of constant intense sunlight, we recommend doubling up protection through the use of UV-resistant window coatings or films. This ensures you are protecting all of the furniture in your space from sun damage, as well as your flooring. 

What about laminate flooring for bathrooms?

For bathrooms, hard-wearing laminate can be the perfect option, especially as real wood floors are not suitable in wet and humid areas. But a good-looking laminate must be more than just water-resistant, it also needs to be fade-resistant.

In bathrooms with high sun, our laminates deliver a modern hardwood look that will fool even those with a keen eye. Take a look at our Grande Wide, Oasis, Vitality Style and Euro Deluxe laminates for a beautiful and refined look, a 100% waterproof surface, and of course,  high-quality fade resistance.

High-quality laminate flooring for high sun spaces

With laminate flooring from Woodland Lifestyle, you can rest assured you have an attractive and durable floor covering that will look great for years to come. 

If you’re interested in high-grade fade-resistant laminate, then our team is here to help you select the perfect laminate flooring that suits your budget, taste and lifestyle.

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    Considerations for choosing a long-lasting floor covering include fade resistance in addition to durability and production quality. Nothing is more depressing than discovering solar damage patches on your flooring after spending so much time and effort achieving the flawless appearance you paid for.

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