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What makes Woodland Lifestyle custom made stair nosing so unique?

Woodland Lifestyle supplies a range of laminate flooring options to help you create a beautiful, polished look in your home or commercial space. And of course, you don’t want the finish of your stairs to let you down!

Getting the right stair nosing that is perfectly matched to your choice of laminate or hybrid flooring will ensure a seamless, high quality finish throughout the entire space.

 Our custom stair nosing provides a beautiful and clean finish to your laminate floor. Each order is colour-matched to create an uninterrupted transition between floor levels and create an amazing feature in your laminate floor.

Why our stair nosing is a great choice for your laminate floor

  • Available in perfectly colour-matched finishes to ensure a seamless transition between the floor and stairs
  • A range of different profiles is available to suit your needs
  • Our custom stair nosing is made to order to the exact size and profile you need
  • Creates a clean, minimal finish
  • Square (without a return) or bullnosed (with a return) are available options
  • Cut to size for your staircase – our nosing simply slots into the stair tread, making it easy for builders to install Woodland Lifestyle stair nosing

Stair nosing options

When choosing a stair nosing style, consider the overall style of the space: is it modern, contemporary or classic? Do you need additional depth in the stair treads? Do you prefer a clean square finish or the added bullnose feature?

All of these questions will help you decide which type of stair nosing is best for your laminate floor.

Square stair nosing

Square stair nosings are popular and on-trend, with many modern homes featuring clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. If you’re looking for a high quality stair nosing product, square edged nosings provide a modern, simple finish that adds a contemporary style to both homes and commercial spaces. 

Bullnosed stair nosing

A return is the section of stair nosing that tucks underneath the step below it. This provides a level of detail to the finished product that is particularly important when the stairs will be viewed from the side.

If you have open bannisters, glass balustrades or a floating staircase, the nosing will need an additional level of finishing so that it looks great from every angle.

On the other hand, staircases that are positioned in between two solid walls or a more solid style of bannister may not need the additional return. Choosing this option offers a cost saving as there is slightly less raw material involved in the manufacture of the nosing.

Stair nosing sizes

Apart from providing an aesthetic element, stair nosing adds an important safety element to your staircase. Consider the depth of nosing you would like, as well as the more obvious height and width measurements that are dictated by the design of the stairs. With a bullnose style, you can gain around 15mm of additional depth with some slight customisations available. 


Get a quote on custom made stair nosing

At Woodland Lifestyle, we handcraft each stair nosing with precision to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Contact our friendly and professional team to find out more about our laminate, hybrid and bamboo flooring options and accessories such as nosing that deliver the full package for your space.

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