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“We have had the pleasure of using Woodland Lifestyle’s Flooring for many of our new build and renovation projects over the last few years. We have used their laminate flooring products in our kitchens, living rooms and guest sleepout and we are just so pleased with the end result. The flooring looks so natural and homely and really adds a sense of class to the space! The friendly approachable team at Woodland Lifestyle provide a really awesome service too. I would definitely recommend! 

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– Rebecca



The Vitality Deluxe – Select Walnut has been down for 8.5 years and is such easy care. We like it because it still looks great and can handle all forms of people; traffic from muddy boots to stiletto heels, not to mention the trollies. It has even had glass crash on it a number of times and remains unmarked! We would highly recommend this product.

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– Kurt



I’m so incredibly happy with the Sunset Oak, it looks fabulous, it gives our floor a warm feeling and class. Thank you very much for your help.

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– Sarah



The Sherlock Oak is very durable and elegant. It was very easy to install and has awesome timber realism. The acoustics of the room weren’t effected and has been easy to keep clean with the Glide Mop also purchased from Woodland Lifestyle. Very happy with the product.

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–  Jo



We love our new flooring. It has really brightened up the area and everyone comments on how much lighter the room is. The underlay makes a huge difference to the noise when walking on it and it is really easy to maintain. We were very impressed with the long warranty it came with and we are so glad we chose it.

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We found the Naxos Crete tiles very easy to lay once they were laid out and a pattern established as per your instructions. The finished floor looks good and feels warm to the touch. Our friends who have seen it wish they had known about your tiles before they had tiled their bathroom!

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After taking samples home we chose Natural Varnished Oak. Our delivery was on time and the price was very competitive. Everyone that we delt with was very nice and helpful and a pleasure to deal with. My husband and son inlaw laid the flooring they had no problems, it looks great, we are very happy customers.

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“We love the Strata product and the colour and how QUIET it has made the kitchen. We are no longer rattling around in a tin can!”



“Dominique and Joeri opted for Balterio laminate when renovating their country house on the coast. “The floor had to be easy to maintain. We come here to enjoy ourselves…”

​-  Dominique and Joeri



I have recently used Balterio laminate in the renovation of our house. We found the product of high standard and we are constantly getting comments on how nice it looks.

– Aimee, homeowner from Auckland



We chose timeless laminate flooring because it is affordable and we plan to rent the house out later on

– Isabelle and Steven



We absolutely love our laminate flooring, it is so realistic and super easy to keep clean. The colour is very practical and it doesn’t seem to look dirty even when it is! Also because laminate is super hard wearing we don’t have to ask guests to remove their stiletto heels!

– Jemima, Homeowner from Auckland



We opted for Balterio because of the range, the natural-looking decors, the practicality and the fact that it can be used with underfloor heating

– Katrin & Dennis


For their first home together Linda and Mathijs were looking for a sleek high-quality floor in a very specific colour -“The luxurious feel and the specific colour made us opt for this laminate flooring.”

– Linda and Mathijs



“I would like to say how much I love my new flooring, Balterio Magnitude – Smoked Oak. I love the subtle smoky colour , it has the right balance of wood grain and not too glossy and the installers did a fantastic job. It has been so good to deal with such a professional company.”

– Colleen 



As we discussed, the Bamboo flooring looks outstanding and the installers did an exceptional job, thanks very much.

– Alaine



We found the Strata flooring incredibly easy to lay – had no problems and the French Oak Bone White looks amazing installed and beautiful to walk on.




“We love our Bamboo floor, it is still going strong 7 years later… The floor is in full sunlight and it hasn’t faded. It gets high wear from our family an dthe extended family on the weekend yet hardly marked at all, AND it is easy to clean!
I would highly recomnend this product. What more could we ask for.”




“The Vitality is the easiest flooring I’ve installed… it clips together nicely, it’s so easy. The product is easy to work with and feels solid, the V grooves really give a solid finish overall. Better and easier than other laminate I’ve worked with.”

– Steve