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Room Soundproofing

PhoneStar Soundproofing Board

Reduce the Impact of Sound Transmission

We provide soundproofing solutions for residential or commercial buildings

As apartment living has become more practical, the need to reduce sound transmission in 2-story dwellings has become increasingly important to inhabitants. Consideration for creating spaces conducive to working from home is important for new builds along with easily achieved retro-fit options for existing dwellings.

Room soundproofing solutions involve using building products with mass to reduce the effects of impact sound such as footsteps and airborne sound – music, talking and television travelling through floors and walls.

PhoneStar is a room-soundproofing solution, proven in Europe that Woodland Lifestyle have brought to New Zealand.


PhoneStar is Quality German Made Soundproofing Board.

PhoneStar Tri is a versatile high-performance acoustic insulation panel. Made from a combination of sand and cardboard, it is designed to reduce both impact and airborne sound while adding thermal mass to structures.

Easy Installation
It can be fitted onto new studs, or fixed over existing walls or under floor coverings. For optimal performance it can be decoupled from the existing wall (becomes a wall within a wall).

It is ideal for noisy neighbour problems, rumpus rooms, boardrooms and offices.


Sustainable & natural product – made from cardboard and sand

Revolutionary, outstanding results, only 15mm thick

Significantly reduces Airborne Sound e.g. talking or music noise

Quick & easy to install – Easy to handle size 1200 x 800mm

Adds thermal mass to timber or steel framed structures

Can be used with underfloor heating systems

Where to use it


Rentals or Air BNB

Music Studios

Workshop Soundproofing


Prevent noise transfer between floors


Direct Fix Option


27.5 to 30mm thickness – timber walls

15mm Phonestar Acoustic Panel
13mm Acoustic Plasterboard

This solution offers the least amount of loss of space in the living space. It gives good results for noise reduction. Suitable for new and existing walls.


= Noise reduction of up to 10dB

Decoupled Wall Solution


43.5 to 46mm thickness timber walls

16mm Resilient Channel
15mm Phonestar Acoustic Panel
13mm Acoustic Plasterboard

Decoupling or separating the sound control system from the wall gives higher performance than a direct to wall fix. Also ideal for new and existing walls.


= Noise reduction of up to 15dB

Decoupled Battened Wall Solution


64.5 to 91mm thickness timber walls

Recommended 45x45mm batten
Optional – Fibreglass or Wool insulation.
16mm Resilient Channel
15mm Phonestar Acoustic Panel
13mm Acoustic Plasterboard

Adding an extra batten on top of existing wall linings provides the best performing solution for noise control. Adding a layer of insulation, or noise control material will also further enhance the reduction in sound transmission.


= Noise reduction of up to 18dB


Installing Phonestar can be undertaken by a competent DIYer.



Plan your install. PhoneStar sheet sizes are 1200mm long x 800mm wide. Its important to cut for a firm fit as gaps will transmit sound.



PhoneStar can be cut with a saw, or with a knife. Cut edges must be sealed with PhoneStar Eco Tape, to prevent the sand spilling out.



PhoneStar is fixed horizontally using standard drywall screws. After installation, seal any gaps with an acoustic sealant before lining with the final wall covering.



Product Image Weight [kg/m2] Thickness [mm] Length x Width [mm] Qty – per pallet
Phonestar Tri 18 15 1200 x 800 56

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