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Wolf Decoupling Plate

Decoupling underlay for all types of surface coverings such as ceramics, natural stone, and parquet. Also suitable for carpets and plastic coverings.


The Wolf decoupling board is a 4 mm thick polyester fiber board with high tear resistance and compressive strength. Its high compressive strength allows it to be used under traffic loads of up to 5.0 kN/m2, i.e. in residential and commercial spaces. Due to the low heat transfer resistance, the Wolf decoupling plate can be installed on hot water underfloor heating systems, especially where there is little pipe coverage.


The Decoupling Plate is used above PhoneStar boards when the final floor covering requires glue (vinyl or engineered timber for example). The decoupling plate is glued to the PhoneStar and the floor covering glued to the plate. 

Technical Specifications



Length x width 1000mm x 600mm
Thickness 4mm +- .05mm
Weight m2 3.2kg

Decoupling Plate


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