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SoundPro Systems

For Concrete Floors

Our goal is to simplify acoustic flooring specification, nationwide.

NZBC G6 requires that multi-tenant residential buildings perform at certain acoustic levels. Traditionally these requirements are met with a suspended floor system and a drop ceiling. Woodland Lifestyle has developed two acoustic floor systems that eliminate the need for these complex and costly requirements, reducing the floor build-up, cost, and complexity whilst giving clients greater design freedom.


The SoundPro system utilises a 12mm mineral fibre board in conjunction with a high-performance acoustic insulation panel.


Mineral Fibre Board – 12mm

Mineral fibre board is an impact sound isolation board made from high-density mineral wool. This product is designed to reduce impact sound, airborne sound and improve thermal insulation.

PhoneStar Tri – 15mm

PhoneStar Tri is a versatile high-performance acoustic insulation panel. It is made with a combination of sand and cardboard. PhoneStar is designed to reduce both impact and airborne sound while adding thermal mass to structures.

Technical Specifications

System Details

SoundPro is a high-performance acoustic system that performs well beyond NZBC minimum requirements. We recommend the SoundPro acoustic system for projects where superior acoustic performance is required and flexibility is needed in the final floor covering.

Note, the test results below utilize 2 x 12.5mm PhoneStar, improved performance can be expected with SoundPro’s 2 x 15mm PhoneStar build-up.

System Details

IIC ≤60dB
Build-Up Thickness 42mm
Finish Unfinished Floor System (Any standard floor covering can be used with appropriate preparation)
Installation Floating (the 2 layers of PhoneStar tri must be glued together)
Slab Thickness ≤150mm
Test Results Table
Build Up Test Type Slab Thickness IIC Min. Requirement
Mineral fibre board (12mm)
PhoneStar Tri (12.5mm) x 2
Lab Test 160mm
No drop ceiling
63dB 55dB
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for all residential and heavy commercial applications with a high load-bearing capacity.
  • Acoustic ratings can be further improved by including an acoustic floor covering.
  • Can also be used on CLT and open-beam timber systems, contact us for further information.
  • Must be installed throughout the entire building to avoid stepped transitions to carpet.
  • Glue-down or nail-down floor coverings cannot be directly fastened to the SoundPro system. An additional rigid layer is required, i.e. 6mm cement board (tile underlay)
  • Final floor covering not included.



PhoneStar Tri Technical Data

Mineral Fibre Board Technical Data

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