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What about bathrooms and wet areas?

All of Woodland Lifestyles floors are suitable for the kitchen as this is not considered a “wet area”. However, Bathrooms and Laundries are limited to our Hybrid range and the following Laminate options: Grande WideVitality StyleOasis, and Euro Deluxe.

What about under flooring heating?

We don’t recommend using our bamboo flooring products with under floor heating (see notes below though). Strand Bamboo can be installed over “in-slab” heating systems with the following conditions:

Always install 200um builders plastic over the entire subfloor, with a taped overlap of at least 300mm.

Run the heating system for 2 weeks prior to installation.

Ensure the subfloor temperature does not exceed 27 degrees celsius. This will need to be controlled with a surface controlled thermostat.

What does ’carbonised’ mean?

‘Carbonised’ refers to a process during which the bamboo strips are heated, which changes their colour from their natural blond to a darker tone. Carbonised bamboo is not stained – it is darker all the way through.

Should I be worried about formaldehyde in my flooring?

Every flooring, accessory and maintenance product we sell is safe and environmentally friendly. All of our floors have been tested by independent labs, and have formaldehyde levels of less than 0.03 ppm – well below the European (E1) standard.

How does humidity affect bamboo flooring?

Generally, bamboo flooring is more resistant to humidity than traditional hardwood flooring. But as with all wood floors, a normal range of 40% to 60% relative humidity should be maintained in the home. Because Woodland Lifestyle bamboo flooring is made using a 10-coat process, including a moisture-resistant layer on both sides, it performs better in a higher or lower humidity range – as long as you let the flooring acclimatise on-site for a minimum of 72 hours before installation and follow our installation and maintenance guidelines.

What is acclimatisation?

Acclimatisation is simply a process of placing a timber product in the area where it is intended to be installed for a period of time to adapt to the climate of its surroundings. It needs time to adjust to whatever equilibrium moisture content is present in the room.

This is a requirement specifically for the Bamboo range in which it requires a minimum of 48 -72 hours prior to installation; by opening the packets and storing the planks in the room of the intended installation.

What are the Janka hardness levels of Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Floors?

Janka hardness is a way to measure the strength and durability of various hardwood flooring species.  It is a universally recognised method where the force to push a ball bearing ½ way into the product is measured, (the ball is approx. 11mm in diameter or .444inch), to see how bamboo compares to other timbers.

Do Woodland Lifestyle Flooring products need a sealer coat when installed?

No, Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring comes prefinished so you can walk on your floor as soon as it is completed.

Do I need any special tools to install Woodland Lifestyle Flooring?

No, you can use standard woodworking tools to install your flooring. Saws should be new/sharp and should be carbide-tipped.

When installing Strata flooring, a tapping block makes installation easier: MI-WL-TB

Is Woodland Lifestyle Flooring affected by fading?

Flooring can fade in colour if it is consistently exposed to sunlight. If furniture is placed in certain spots and never moved, the fading occurs in patches. For this reason, it is advisable to restrict the exposure to harsh sunlight. Also, furniture should be moved around regularly so that the natural fading takes place at a more even rate.

This is typical of solid timber flooring and is not a product flaw. The warranty information section states this also.

Should I use a moisture barrier under my floor?

If you are overlaying onto concrete with Bamboo, then definitely. This will prevent moisture coming through, otherwise bamboo being a natural product will take some up and it will distort. To doubly ensure on a new pad, a layer of black builders plastic laid first, followed by the underlay to ensure no moisture comes through. If laying on particle board or other wood subfloor we recommend an acoustic underlay to deaden noise.

How am I best to lay out the boards?

The joins should be staggered, with no two joins aligning across the room within a 6-board width.

You can view a clip showing the optimum way to lay out your floor on the installation page.

How do I transition from carpet to flooring?

You can view the full range of flooring accessories – a match for everything!

A bamboo reducer is available to transition from Bamboo to carpet.

The 4 in 1 bars for our Laminate range offer the end cap finish which transitions laminate to carpet.

The metroflor end cap transitions from hybrid range to carpet.

What is covered in the 25 year warranty?

Woodland Lifestyle provides a warranty on flooring products for manufacturers’ defects. You can read the full information in the warranty section.

What do you mean by ‘highly scratch resistant’?

Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring features Nano-Technology Anti-Scratch UV-Topcoats.

Due to the advanced properties of the applied Nano-Technology, it offers abrasion values of 25 – 30 mg (ASTM Standard CS 17 Stone, 1.000 gram weight per wheel). Klumpp Coatings Anti-Scratch Topcoat provides extremely high scratch resistance – as compared to ceramic systems. In addition, the nano-sized particles provide for a smoother appearance. They also provide for increased water repellency and represent an easier to clean and maintain surface.

However, misuse such as dragging heavy or sharp objects across the finished surface could in fact damage the coating surface. In normal everyday use, the coating surface is remarkably resistant to ‘normal wear and tear’.

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