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    Lay the foundations for a busy home with our expertly designed hard flooring range. Durable to withstand daily living while beautifully complementing your decor.


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    At Woodland Lifestyle, our commitment to excellence shines through in every plank and panel. Proudly New Zealand-owned and operated, we work with global suppliers to bring quality, durable flooring and acoustic products to customers nationwide.

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    “We spent more than a year looking for good quality laminate flooring. There were definitely a lot of cheap products out there that didn't click together nicely, with a seamless joint. The chevron Zenku pattern we chose is pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing (but obviously at a much lower price).All the staff were very helpful indeed. And best of all, when we had left over product they accepted a return with no issues at all. Totally recommended.”
    “Select Walnut has been down for 8.5 years and is such easy care. We like it because it still looks great and can handle all forms of people; traffic from muddy boots to stiletto heels, not to mention the trollies. It has even had glass crash on it a number of times and remains unmarked! We would highly recommend this product.”
    “After taking samples home we chose Natural Varnished Oak. Our delivery was on time and the price was very competitive. Everyone that we delt with was very nice and helpful and a pleasure to deal with. My husband and son in-law laid the flooring they had no problems, it looks great, we are very happy customers.”
    “We love our new flooring. It has really brightened up the area and everyone comments on how much lighter the room is. The underlay makes a huge difference to the noise when walking on it and it is really easy to maintain. We were very impressed with the long warranty it came with and we are so glad we chose it."
    “I’m so incredibly happy with the Sunset Oak, it looks fabulous, it gives our floor a warm feeling and class. Thank you very much for your help.”

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