With insights on everything from aesthetics to functionality, we provide all the information you need to select a flooring range that meets your needs.

    Can I buy flooring online directly from Woodland Lifestyle?
    Does Woodland Lifestyle provide an installation service?
    Can I install your flooring in a bathroom?
    Do I need to acclimatise your flooring?
    What do your warranties cover?

    Acoustic systems

    Learn about the benefits of noise reduction, the science behind our products, and how they can contribute to a more comfortable and productive environment.

    Do your acoustic systems have a fire rating?
    What happens if Phonestar boards get wet?
    How can I be sure Phonestar systems will meet G6 building code standards?
    Does Phonestar boards replace plasterboard on the walls?
    Why is Phonestar so effective at blocking sound?
    What happens when I want to cut Phonestar? Does the sand fall out?
    Can Phonestar handle point loading on floors?
    Can any floor covering be installed on top of Phonestar?
    Does the Phonestar system work in bathrooms with a waterproofing membrane?

    Installation and care

    From step-by-step install tips to cleaning products, we offer practical advice on installing and maintaining your flooring or acoustic systems.

    Can I steam-mop my floor?
    How level does my subfloor need to be before installing flooring?
    Can I install a toilet on top of my floor?
    Do I need to leave expansion around my floor?
    Can I install my kitchen on top of my floor?
    How do I finish my flooring against other flooring types like carpet?
    How do I install a waterfall-end benchtop?

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