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    Your trusted supplier of sustainable flooring and acoustic products

    At Woodland Lifestyle, we champion environmentally responsible practices across all areas of our business. From the products we offer to the partnerships we develop, our awareness of sustainability ensures that we carefully consider all business decisions for their long-term environmental impact.
    Our efforts toward sustainability are reflected in the wide range of eco-friendly products we offer and our collaboration with suppliers who uphold high environmental standards. By prioritising sustainable materials and responsible sourcing, Woodland Lifestyle helps to create eco-friendly living spaces that you can be proud of.

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    Our commitment to sustainability

    We aim to bring you products that don't just look and perform exceptionally, but are also kind to the environment.

    Eco-friendly options

    By stocking a selection of eco-friendly flooring and acoustic solutions, we give our customers a wider range of choices.

    Responsible suppliers

    By working with reputable suppliers, we can pass on the benefits of sustainable timber, laminate and hybrid flooring.

    Our Values

    Sustainable manufacturing for minimised environmental impact

    We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint through strategic choices that promote sustainability at every level of our business.


    We select products and materials that are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced, ensuring sustainability and quality.


    When collaborating with suppliers we focus on mutual environmental responsibility to ensure sustainability throughout the production process.


    In order to further reduce the impact of our largely freight-based business, we recycle over 80% of our plastic and cardboard packaging.

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