• Top Uses for Sustainable Laminate Floors in New Zealand

    Published on 08 Sep 2023
    Given the stunning beauty of New Zealand, it’s only fair to want beautiful home finishes that complement the natural surroundings. At Woodland Lifestyle, we proudly supply local residents, builders, architects and designers with eco-friendly flooring materials for smart building practices and stunning style. Let’s go through the top uses for sustainable laminate floors and the benefits of this flooring material for both residential and commercial applications.
    Living Room Laminate Flooring Installation

    Laminate flooring installation is a sustainable solution that’s better for the environment and helps boost the look and feel of any room. It’s especially popular for living rooms and entry areas, delivering much-needed durability for spaces with lots of foot traffic and furniture. Waterproof laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles to complement different paint colours and interior design schemes, ensuring elegant and eco-conscious living room floors.

    Durable Flooring for Home Kitchens

    Laminate flooring is also used as an affordable, long-lasting alternative to real timber in home kitchens. Laminate floors with a 100% waterproof surface are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms where spills and stains are commonplace. Laminate is a tried and tested flooring material that can last for many years with minimal maintenance of light sweeping and mopping.

    Bathroom Waterproof Laminate Flooring

    Did you know you can put laminate floors in bathrooms? Waterproof laminate flooring installation is worth considering when renovating or building a new bathroom, especially with warranty protection guaranteeing the quality and performance. With floating or click-in installation depending on which brand you choose, it doesn’t take long to install new laminate bathroom floors, either.

    Stylish Laminate Bedroom Floors

    Laminate is a prime example of luxurious bedroom flooring that doesn’t break the bank. Shades of white and tan are big laminate flooring trends, especially with wide planks that have the same natural grain variation as real wood. If you want something different from carpet that’s more cost-effective than other flooring options, laminate is one way to achieve your ideal bedroom design. Add a plush rug beneath your bed if you prefer a mix of hard and soft textures in your sleeping space.

    Office Laminate Floors

    When it comes to eco-friendly office floor options, you can’t go wrong with stylish laminate. Environmentally friendly materials are certainly trending in interior design and stylish laminate flooring offers a clean, contemporary feel for a corporate office space. Enjoy the versatility of quality laminate flooring, which lasts for a long time to save you money in the long run.

    General Commercial Flooring

    Many New Zealanders choose trendy laminate for light commercial flooring applications. That’s because it’s an eco-friendly and affordable flooring option that withstands wear and tear while fitting in with the rest of the interior design. The best laminate floors in New Zealand are made from renewable resources, offering a sustainable flooring option for childcare centres, aged care, hotels, restaurants and many other businesses.

    Enhance Your Interior Design With Laminate Flooring

    Want to know more about quality laminate flooring? Contact the flooring experts at Woodland Lifestyle in New Zealand to schedule a consultation and find the most durable flooring for your space.

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