• Hard flooring transitions – what are the options?

    Published on 28 Jul 2023
    When moving from one room to another, you want seamless floor transitions between spaces, to ensure a polished and tidy finish on your flooring installation. Neatly connecting different flooring together, whether the same or a different type, can be achieved through simple floor transition strips.

    There is a range of floor transitions available depending on which flooring types and materials you are changing between, each suited to a different purpose. Even if you are transitioning to the same kind of flooring, you can still use a transition strip to cater for expansion and contraction in the flooring, and to nicely blend between the two aesthetically.

    What trims are best suited for your flooring installation?

    If you are dealing with two different types of floor installations, using a transition strip is almost always recommended, especially when it comes to a safe and comfortable underfoot transfer between the two.

    4-in-1 transition strips are the most common trim for laminate floors, featuring 4 profiles: an end cap, reducer, T mold and a stair nosing option. The addition of an end-mold can provide a final edge for a floor material, rather than act as a transition strip to another material. Each of the 4 profiles are also available separately for different applications. 

    When installing carpet next to a hard floor, such as wood, tile or laminate, an end cap can be used to bridge between the two. The carpet will be attached to the end cap with the use of a tack strip. Install the trim track by glueing or screwing it to the subfloor and then click the end cap in to cover the expansion space, creating the seamless transition from carpet to hard flooring. End caps are also suitable for positioning next to aluminium C-channel, providing a neat 90 degree angle. 

    A T-mold is a transition strip for meeting two hard flooring types of the same height. The colour-matched T-shaped strip is fixed in the gap between materials and sits snugly between the two. They are usually positioned in a doorway to visually and functionally transition between two rooms.

    Reducers help when you want to transition from one type of flooring to another which sits lower e.g. vinyl, tile or concrete. Within our Woodland Lifestyle range, we offer  colour-matched reducers to complement all our laminate flooring varieties.

    For our laminate flooring, we also offer perfectly matched custom stair nosings to ensure an uninterrupted transition between floor levels. The stair nosing sits at the end of the step to add an attractive transition between the floor and stairs, and each step as you ascend. Colour-matched stair nosings are also available for our bamboo and Metroflor ranges. 

    To complement all of Woodland Lifestyles’ floor coverings, aluminium C-channel trims provide a tidy clean finish. They are ideal for transitioning from floors to ranch sliders/external doorways and come in 3 different colours and 2 sizes.

    Woodland Lifestyle flooring transition strips

    Planning on installing one of our laminate or hybrid floorings? All of our product range includes the option of custom-made transition strips to ensure the exact style and profile you need to create a clean, minimal finish. Our bamboo flooring range also features colour-matched transition strip options to suit your look and feel.

    Talk to us to get your flooring installation right

    If you want to speak to a hard flooring expert, get in touch and we can talk you through all of the transition options available at Woodland Lifestyle, to ensure you achieve a quality flooring installation that you can be proud of.

    Woodland Lifestyle offers a wide choice of quality flooring in various colours to match your style. For a simple installation, and stunning finish of your laminate flooring, contact our friendly team at (09) 308 7948 or email us at hello@woodlandlifestyle.co.nz.