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Acoustic Systems

For Concrete Floors

Our goal is to simplify acoustic flooring specification, nationwide.

NZBC G6 requires that multi-tenant residential buildings perform at certain acoustic levels. Traditionally these requirements are met with a suspended floor system and a drop ceiling. Woodland Lifestyle has developed two acoustic floor systems that eliminate the need for these complex and costly requirements, reducing the floor build-up, cost, and complexity whilst giving clients greater design freedom.


The SoundLite system utilises our 8.5mm Metrofloor hybrid flooring system and the high performance acoustical 1mm underlay -floorMuffler.


Metroflor Genesis Flooring is a multi-layer luxury vinyl plank comprising multiple layers of vinyl, an engineered closed-cell extruded structural core, high-resolution printed decorative film, and a sound-mitigating underlay. Metroflor Genesis planks utilize a Droplock 100 locking system and are laid as a floating floor. The wear layer is similar to that of regular commercial grade glue-down vinyl.


FloorMuffler LVT is a thin high-performance flooring underlay designed to be used with glue-down and ridged core vinyl planks. FloorMuffler LVT is a patented design made with cross-linked polypropylene foam and is 100% recyclable.

Technical Specifications

System Details

Woodland Lifestyle and our supply partners have conducted both laboratory and onsite tests on various slab thicknesses.
We recommend using SoundLite on slabs with a minimum thickness of 170mm without a drop ceiling. Metroflor flooring is suitable for wet areas including bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

System Details

IIC ≤53dB
Build-Up Thickness 9.5mm
Finish Pre-finished Floor System
Installation Floating
Slab Thickness ≤170mm
Test Results Table
Build Up Test Type Slab Thickness IIC Min. Requirement
Metroflor Genesis Lab Test 152mm
No Drop Ceiling
54dB 55dB
Metroflor Genesis Lab Test 152mm
With Drop Ceiling
69dB 55dB
Metroflor Genesis + floorMuffler LVT Onsite Test 175mm
No Drop Ceiling
53dB 50dB
Scope of Use
  • Not suitable for use inside showers or bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • Not suitable for high-traffic, heavy use areas




Lab Test Report Genesis 152mm Slab (No Drop Ceiling)

Genesis Product Technical Statement

floorMuffler LVT Data Sheet

Genesis Data Sheet

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