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Why Acoustic & Waterproof flooring options are Family Friendly

The trend for open plan living calls for flooring with acoustic and waterproof properties to combat the busy flow of family life from kitchen and dining to living rooms. Traditionally different areas have called for different floor finishes but today we expect the one flooring to meet all our needs.

Busy, active family life with pets and regular entertaining calls for a floor finish that can absorb noise, be comfortable underfoot and survive the spills and accidents of water and moisture.

Consider the technological developments of Engage Genesis 2000XL luxury vinyl flooring which was designed with industry leading acoustic properties and is 100% waterproof. Engage Genesis extra large planks, in fact 2m long,  are comprised of many layers of vinyl, their water resistance carries through each layer, making the product itself waterproof.

This is extremely helpful in family zones with children and pets, as children spill things and animals have accidents which may not be noticed for some time.

Water from flooding or spills and moisture from natural sources can severely damage most flooring materials. Moisture can lead to mould and mildew, which will not only cause irreparable damage to flooring but can also sicken your family. An integrated Ultra-Fresh finish on each luxury vinyl board, inhibits the growth of odour and stains which cause mould and mildew.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or plank (LVP) tend to provide the best water resistance of all the flooring options. Luxury vinyl’s water resistance is one of the key attributes that allows it to be safely installed in any room of the house including kitchens, butler’s pantries, bathrooms and laundries. This ensures that the same flooring can flow into even more rooms in your home. This can be a considerable saving with a new build as any change in flooring can mean a change in floor preparation and another skilled tradesperson.

Family life can be noisy and with open plan living comes additional noise from kitchens, electronic devices, televisions, conversations and games. Engage Genesis planks come with an attached acoustical underlay. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort underfoot, it will reduce the in-room acoustics with its Delta IIC of 24dB. For two story homes this is particularly critical as noise is reduced to the rooms below.

Easy care and low maintenance is also a factor in high use open plan living situations. A luxury vinyl plank can be easily swept, dust mopped or vacuumed followed by a damp mop and neutral cleaner. It never requires resealing or refinishing.

High quality luxury flooring never goes out of style so if you are wanting to create the realism of timber you need solid vinyl top layers with deeper embossing. There are twelve colour options selected specifically for New Zealand interior palettes. Engage Genesis planks have a 20mm wear layer that is resistant to scuffs, chips and indentations which plays a significant role in its longevity and ability to withstand heavy traffic. A life-time residential warranty reinforces manufacturer confidence in its durability.

Air quality is also an issue when creating a home filled with numerous man-made finishes. The solid vinyl flooring product resists peeling, cracking and delamination and does not harbour allergens. Engage Genesis planks are tested to the latest standards of VOCs, the same as those used for testing children’s toys. This high standard is also exhibited with a FloorScore® certification ensuring strict standards for indoor air quality.

Aesthetic considerations in open plan areas include the size of planks. A larger oversized 2m long plank is well suited to open plan living and gives a sense of luxury and space. Genesis planks can be laid with glue or a fast, easy glueless floating installation which saves time and materials.  Installation time is further reduced with drop-lock 100™ Technology end joints.

So, for a family friendly flooring that enhances your open plan living spaces and flows seamlessly into wet areas, consider the Engage Genesis 2000XL flooring planks.

Contact the team at Woodland Lifestyle to get some free sampling to your door or store.


Words by L M Powell

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