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Key Features of Herringbone Hybrid Flooring in NZ Homes

Laminate flooring is common in NZ homes and businesses, thanks to its cost-effective contemporary style and easy installation and maintenance. Laminate on its own is not fully waterproof. Combining it with vinyl, however, creates a heavy-duty hybrid flooring solution that blocks moisture and lasts a long time.

At Woodland Lifestyle, we proudly supply New Zealand’s top residential and commercial flooring solutions, including hybrid floors with a stunning herringbone pattern. Here’s everything you should know about Metroflor Herringbone hybrid flooring, including key features and competitive pricing.


Homeowners and builders alike appreciate the unique durability of herringbone hybrid flooring, which features small rectangles arranged in a distinctive V shape. With four times the locking strength of solid vinyl click floors, this Metroflor style offers increased dimensional stability and indentation resistance for a dynamic and durable flooring solution.


The average hybrid flooring cost is more affordable than traditional hardwood, and the herringbone style is no exception. You can get a similar look to real wood without breaking the bank or dealing with noticeable scratches and dents. With this kind of hybrid floor, you can expect enhanced style and improved indoor air quality at a great price.

Easy Maintenance

In addition to the reasonable modern flooring cost, you can also look forward to simple maintenance. Metroflor Herringbone hybrid flooring has a 100% waterproof surface that’s stronger than a membrane, meaning spills and stains are not a big issue. To take care of these floors, simply sweep or vacuum the surface occasionally to clear dirt, followed by a damp mop and dry with a microfibre cloth. Just a simple cleaning routine every other week is usually enough to maintain these beautiful floors.


Quality floors can change the look and feel of any room for the better, and a gorgeous herringbone pattern will definitely level up the luxury. This hybrid flooring works in a variety of spaces, such as home hallways, living rooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s recommended for wet areas in NZ homes and also works well in light commercial applications like aged care, childcare, restaurants, cafes, shops and hotels. No matter what room you’re working on, herringbone floors are easy to install, especially with a professional team.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re looking for improved style and increased property value, hybrid flooring installation is the way to go. This distinguished design is highly sought after in luxurious living spaces with outstanding acoustics and beautiful colours that complement a range of room styles. Complete your space with a contemporary flooring solution that comes with an attached underlay for superior stability without compromising style.


Finally, one of the most significant benefits of herringbone flooring is the sustainable style. Whether you choose the single, double or triple herringbone pattern, you can feel good knowing the raw products used for hybrid floors are sustainably sourced from renewable plantations which don’t contribute to hardwood forest deforestation. With a long lifespan backed by simple yet thorough cleaning and maintenance, herringbone hybrid flooring is a versatile, eco-conscious choice you can love for many years to come.

Get in Touch with New Zealand’s Modern Flooring Experts

If you’re looking for durable flooring in a beautiful herringbone pattern, Woodland Lifestyle has the perfect solution. We would love to introduce you to our Metroflor Herringbone flooring that perfectly suits NZ homes and businesses. Contact us today for a free quote on high-quality herringbone hybrid flooring in New Zealand.

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