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Importance Of World-Class Locking Systems on Click Together Flooring

Ensuring the longevity of your laminate floor is essential, so when it comes to effective installation, the joining system you use is an important factor. With a high-quality, proven locking system holding your planks in place, you can rest assured your laminate flooring won’t let you down with annoying creaks, squeaks or movement.

However, finding a good locking system – and spotting a poor-quality system – isn’t always easy.

Dealing with a reputable supplier is a good first step: ask your flooring specialist about their click together technology options, and see if they meet the industry standard for quality:

  • Does the flooring use a click together system that is easy to install?
  • Does the manufacturer guarantee no creaking and cracking?
  • Is the locking system water-resistant?
  • What information is available on the structural integrity and lifetime performance of the system?

At Woodland Lifestyle, we’re proud to use the world’s best locking systems on our hybrid, bamboo and laminate flooring ranges. With innovative click-together techniques such as the patented UNICLIC and Drop-Lock systems, installation of your laminate flooring is guaranteed to be quick and easy.

Types of Locking Systems

UNICLIC click-together flooring

The magic of the UNICLIC system arises from its simple but effective engineering. This makes it one of the easiest and most trusted click-together systems on the market.

Each edge of the laminate panel is manufactured to click into place with enough flexibility to snap together, but also enough tensile strength to ensure a strong lock. The glueless joining system interlocks firmly, ensuring each plank doesn’t pull apart or form a gap after being walked on.

The surface of the laminate becomes watertight, whilst also preventing any squeaking or creaking as the interlocked boards stay snapped together. UNICLIC patented technology is trusted around the world, and we guarantee your Woodland Lifestyle laminate flooring with our lifetime locking system guarantee.

UNICLIC locking systems feature on our Oasis, Vitality Style and Euro Deluxe laminate flooring, as well as our bamboo range.

Drop-Lock Technologies: Droplock 100

Droplock 100 is the original one-piece drop-lock system for the short side of your planks. One of the fastest and easiest systems for flooring installation on the market, it has extremely high locking strength and water resistance built in. Unlike other systems, no inserts are needed on the short side, which means less work, lower cost, fewer materials and a lower carbon footprint.

Drop-Lock Technologies: Droplock 400

Droplock 400is an angle system for the long-side, combined with Droplock 100 on the short side. Together, these two systems enable extremely high locking strength. Fast and easy to install, no special tools are needed, resulting in 30% faster installation compared to other systems. Like the Droplock 100, it is water resistant and the seal holds firm, meaning no squeaking or movement.

The DropLock systems feature on the short and long sides of our hybrid flooring ranges including Strata and Genesis. DropLock 400 technology is also an excellent choice for herringbone flooring: this patented drop-lock system allows long and short sides to fit neatly together, allowing easy herringbone-style installation with perfect pattern changes.

Quality Flooring, Proven to Last

With Woodland Lifestyle’s range of click-together flooring systems, the final look will result in smooth and attractive laminate flooring that is securely locked in place and is much less likely to creak or move.

Woodland Lifestyle offers a wide choice of quality flooring in various colours to match your style. Durable, resistant, and with a lifetime locking system guarantee, our laminate flooring is the perfect addition to your home or business. Add our bamboo and hybrid flooring ranges and you have a wide variety of finishes, patterns and colours to choose from.

3.For a simple installation and stunning finish of your laminate flooring, turn to Woodland Lifestyle – we are happy to help you work out which bamboo, laminate or hybrid flooring is best for your project.

Contact our friendly team at (09) 308 7948 or email us at [email protected].

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