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Why floorMuffler?

Love the look of hard timber flooring but not the noise, then consider sound proofing with an underlay that has an acoustic rating to soften the sound.

FloorMuffler® is a high-performance acoustic underlay for engineered timber or solid hardwood flooring which provides exceptional relief from through floor, footfall and airborne noise.

If you are contemplating a new floor and have a busy family life, open plan living, or a second storey then sound mitigation will be more important than you realise. Noise travelling within your home, stairs or landings can be absorbed, reflected or transmitted by the walls, ceiling and flooring.

While acoustic ceiling and wall treatments protect against sound transmission from room to room an effective underlay for laminate flooring can prevent the transmission of sound between floors and reduce the sound within the room. This will greatly enhance the experience of your home when it comes to comings and goings, conversation, television, music and appliances.

Carpets and drapes have been traditional ways to absorb sound in family rooms. Now you can enjoy a continuous hard flooring finish throughout your home, satisfied you have the acoustics sorted. FloorMuffler® can also be teamed with other flooring options such as laminates and luxury vinyl tiles whether they are floating, nailed or glue down. It can also be utilised with most underfloor heating options but check with your manufacturer instructions prior to installation.

FloorMuffler® is coming up trumps in relation to the NZ Building Code. It exceeds the minimal requirements for Airborne and Impact Sound by 25 percent for the categories of Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) which relates to footfall and the movement of furniture. Alone it has an isolating impact sound rating or Delta IIC of 25 decibels. That is without the additional sound absorption rate of the flooring above it.

A quality underlay like FloorMuffler® also incorporates a superior built in moisture barrier, so no additional film is required with a new built concrete slab. The compression strength of FloorMuffler® will also ensure the integrity of your floor system from cupping and warping, particularly those that are click together and glueless.


Whether you are tackling a DIY project or leaving it to the professionals ensure you follow five recommended easy steps for installing FloorMuffler® below your new flooring.

Step 1:

Make sure the subfloor is structurally sound and is free from dust and dirt and protruding nails. Check the manufacturer’s instructions of the finished flooring for subfloor tolerances in relation to its levels. A moisture meter is recommended to check the moisture emission levels of a freshly poured slab prior to laying FloorMuffler®.

Step 2:

Start in a corner with the ultraseal tape strip side next to the wall (leaving a 5cm gap to the wall) and the overlapping film toward the open room. Install the FloorMuffler® (film side down) and parallel to the wall, in the opposite direction you plan to install the finished flooring. This will avoid underlay for laminate flooring and flooring seams lining up with each other.

Step 3:

Be sure to unfold the film, extending it 7cm from the foam.

Step 4:

Roll out the next roll of FloorMuffler® in the same manner, making sure the foam seams are butted together. Be sure to overlap the moisture barrier lip and not the foam pad.

Step 5:

Remove the adhesive liner and adhere the foam to the film overlap.

You are now set to install your chosen flooring above FloorMuffler®. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions including any requirement for acclimatization of your flooring. This means storing the planks in the intended environment for three to four days prior to laying to allow it to breathe and adapt to the surroundings.

In all new flooring projects, good underfloor preparation and a quality laminate floor underlay or wood floor underlay is paramount. Team this with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on FloorMuffler® and you have peace of mind that you have done everything required to get maximum life and enjoyment from your new floor.

Get in touch with our friendly team today on (09) 308 7948 or email us at [email protected].
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