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New Zealand’s Latest Laminate Flooring Trends

Flooring design makes a big difference to any space, and laminate floors are a popular choice for the look of real wooden flooring without the price. If you’re interested in luxury laminate floors, the extensive range from Woodland Lifestyle is definitely worth considering. Let’s take a look at 2023 laminate flooring trends for New Zealand homes and businesses.

Laminate Floors for Functional Living Spaces

Some of the key characteristics New Zealanders look for in flooring design include low maintenance, simple installation and stylish warmth. Luckily, laminate flooring ticks all these boxes, offering a sustainable solution for those who want the look of real wood flooring without the cost. Laminate floors are available in a variety of colour and style trends to complement contemporary interior design.

Sustainable Flooring Style

Laminate timber flooring is a great pick for sustainability and durability. Laminate planks capture the natural wood grain, stain and colour, with many ranges reflecting a slightly rustic look with added knots. Today’s top laminate flooring manufacturers are committed to sustainable raw material sourcing and production processes to ensure a high-quality and eco-conscious product. Oasis, Vitality and Euro Deluxe are all trendy laminate flooring options that keep the environment in mind.

Textured Timber Flooring in NZ

Laminate flooring has long been featured in home renovation plans and interior design projects as a low-cost option compared to hardwood floors. Now, there are more luxurious laminate options with modern matte finishes for a slightly understated yet stylish look. If you want textured aesthetic appeal with a hard-wearing, water-resistant alternative to natural wood, laminate is the way to go.

Easy Plank Installation

Lastly, laminate flooring in trendy colours like grey and brown is often preferred for its simple plank installation that clicks into place for desirable style and durability. Laminate floors stand out as a design feature in any space, with wide planks especially popular for contemporary New Zealand homes. The versatility in design suits a range of style preferences and ensures flooring options are compatible with larger renovation projects.

Here’s what to expect in terms of style and installation with some of the trendiest laminate floors from Woodland Lifestyle.

Oasis & Oasis Wide Laminate

The luxurious Oasis colour range reflects warm white and light and dark browns, with a beautiful flooring option to match any room. The UNICLIC quick installation system and 100% water-resistant surface deliver convenience and longevity. Plus, these floors featured a pressed bevel, protecting the grain, colour and structure for an appearance much like natural timber.

Vitality Style Range

For a wider range of colours and a registered embossed finish, Vitality laminate floors are an excellent choice with an elegant, enduring style. UNICLIC installation and a completely waterproof surface make this a family-friendly flooring option.

Euro Deluxe

The latest laminate floor trends are all captured in the Euro Deluxe collection, which ranges from white oiled oak to dark walnut. This tried-and-tested waterproof floor is often used in laundries and bathrooms with simple UNICLIC installation also making a difference.

Upgrade Your Space with Trendy Laminate Flooring NZ

Woodland Lifestyle is a leading flooring supplier proudly serving New Zealand for many years. We would love to help you get the look of real wooden flooring without the hefty price tag thanks to the latest styles in laminate flooring. Browse our selection of laminate floors and get in touch with our flooring experts to schedule a consultation.

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