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Innovative Isocore Technology for Flooring

Strength, durability and maintenance are important considerations for specifying a commercial floor finish. Many floors have the stunning good looks but don’t cut it when it comes to the tough conditions of wet areas or high use retail, hospitality, or aged care facilities.

Enter the innovation of ISOCORE Technology™ which was specifically designed for wet floor areas and longevity in more punishing commercial zones.

The ISOCORE Technology™ incorporates an engineered closed cell extruded vinyl core which is lightweight but strong and 100% waterproof. Teamed with a tough ceramic bead nonslip overlay and virgin vinyl layer for cushioning, this multi-layer flooring range is packed with features. An Ultra Fresh™ finish controls the growth of unwanted microbes and provides lasting freshness in more damp, humid environments.

A flooring product featuring ISOCORE won the 2017 Home Depot Innovation of the Year Award in the US. The award included acknowledgment of market leading features allowing installation in areas previously unsuitable for floating flooring.

ISOCORE also has superior dimensional stability which ensures a plank or tile is suitable for expansive spaces of up to 150 sqm without an expansion break. This allows for continuous flooring over large areas such as entrance foyers, corridors, showrooms, galleries or open plan areas such as lounges and dining rooms.

Maintenance is also a factor in public areas so the ISOCORE inner layer ensures commercial cleaning regimes involving wet microfibre mopping will not compromise the waterproof core. *

Flooring options with ISOCORE Technology™ include a range of handsome planks replicating natural timbers called ‘Strata’; a suite of six concrete look tiles 600mm x 600mm, called ‘Crete’ and an upmarket ‘Herringbone’ plank in four colourways. ‘Strata’ is available in two plank sizes with a total of seven colourways across two constructions covering the residential and commercial markets. The commercial warranty for ‘Strata’, ‘Crete’ and ‘Herringbone’ is seven years.

*Consult the ‘Installation and Maintenance Manuals’ for full cleaning instructions.

Words by L M Powell

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