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Guide to Metroflor Herringbone Flooring Installation NZ

Want to transform your space with the distinctive design of herringbone flooring? Woodland Lifestyle proudly supplies the Metroflor Herringbone range for installation in New Zealand homes and businesses. Keep reading for tips and expert advice as we go through the key features of this best-selling herringbone flooring, including the 100% waterproof design and improved dimensional stability.

Benefits of Metroflor Herringbone Flooring Installation NZ

Why choose Metroflor Herringbone flooring over other flooring options? Well, for starters it has a truly unique and timeless design that stands out from the rest. Herringbone flooring features a distinctive V-shaped weave pattern with small rectangles in a repeated arrangement, and Metroflor offers single, double and triple patterns. This style is known to increase home value as a highly sought-after and luxurious feature.

There are many more benefits for homeowners to enjoy with this new and improved style of flooring, including the durable construction and long-lasting finish. Renovators and DIY enthusiasts who are looking for the best flooring option for their homes love how Metroflor Herringbone floors are versatile and suitable for any room. This herringbone hybrid flooring is a worthwhile investment with fast installation, larger coverage and enhanced stability compared to solid vinyl click floors.

Cost of Metroflor Herringbone Flooring Installation

The best herringbone vinyl flooring is actually a waterproof hybrid design combining the top features of vinyl and laminate technology. Metroflor Herringbone flooring may be more expensive than standard laminate, but both are cheaper than traditional hardwood floors.

Remember, the composition and installation requirements will impact the total project cost. Metroflor Herringbone hybrid flooring features with attached underlay and point-to-point installation system to minimise costs in terms of time and labour. As a leading herringbone hardwood flooring brand, Metroflor offers easy installation with the Droplock 400™ system, ultimately saving you time and money.

Maintenance of Metroflor Herringbone Flooring

The do’s and don’ts for herringbone flooring maintenance are pretty straightforward, as the 100% waterproof surface makes routine cleaning a breeze. Vacuuming and mopping every few weeks is usually more than enough to maintain these floors for years to come. Plus, Metroflor’s Ultra-fresh™ antimicrobial protection stops the growth of bad bacteria, mould and mildew, keeping the environment cleaner, healthier and smelling fresh.

Herringbone Flooring Design Ideas

Popular herringbone flooring design trends include luxurious looks for the whole living room and kitchen area. Herringbone hallways are another trend to consider, with the right design actually making the space look larger. We also love herringbone floors in bathrooms and wet areas, offering a practical yet stylish alternative to natural timber floors. Waterproof hybrid herringbone floors will withstand the moisture and humidity in these areas with ease, giving you peace of mind that your new floors will last. No matter where you install these floors, expect impressive room acoustics and antimicrobial protection, backed by a lifetime residential warranty from Metroflor.

Discover the Best in Metroflor Herringbone Engineered Flooring

Feeling good about herringbone hybrid looring? Woodland Lifestyle proudly carries Metroflor Herringbone, a top pick for modern flooring in New Zealand. Contact us today to learn more about herringbone vinyl flooring designs for your home.

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