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Ceramic VS Crete Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a durable, water resistant, easy care choice for flooring in New Zealand but it’s worth considering new arrivals offering alternatives.

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are designated wet areas and a ceramic floor is impervious to moisture. Add the benefit of unlimited design features, allergen free and ease of repair, this tough surface has become increasingly popular for family living, dining and entrance ways.

However ceramic tiles do not retain heat, so are cold and hard underfoot. Consider your climate and seasonal extremes and the need for underfloor heating. For high use areas add rugs for comfort or to create more intimate spaces in living and dining areas.

If you are seeking a tile look and continuous floor but would like added comfort, consider the Woodland Lifestyle Crete multi-layer tile.  A recent arrival into the flooring scene, Crete has the durability, sound proofing and softness underfoot to tick more boxes.

Crete is a multi-layer vinyl tile incorporating award winning ISOCORE technology™ which is lightweight, stable over large areas and 100% waterproof. Add in the comfort and insulation of vinyl, a tough surface finish and Ultrafresh treatment to protect against stains and odours and you have the perfect solution for every room in the house.

Available in six stone look finishes, and a large 600 x 600 tile format, Crete adds the sophistication of stone without the costs of grout, glues or underfloor heating. Crete tiles are also laid as a floating floor, with a simple drop and lock system opening opportunities to refurbish an existing floor.  The built-in underlay adds acoustic properties, particularly for second stories or multi units.

The Lifetime performance warranty of Crete tiles, elevates Crete to a top contender for flooring in your new home or renovation.

Words by L M Powell

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