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Bamboo, the sustainable option.

Combine bamboo’s good looks with durability for a winning flooring for homeowners, designers and builders to specify.

Made from 100% rapid growth Moso bamboo, Woodland Lifestyle’s Lifestyle Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring is sourced from government regulated sustainable plantations in the mountainous regions of China. Bamboo is now widely recognised as good for the environment as it is rapidly renewable, reaching maturity and optimum density in just five to six years. Compare this to more traditional old growth timbers harvested after fifty to one hundred and fifty years.

Due to its regenerative root clump structure, bamboo can produce up to 200 poles in the life cycle of a single plant. There is virtually no waste or pollution in the harvesting as all the pole is utilised and factories are strategically located near where the Moso plantations grow.

Slowing Global Warming

Bamboo plantations reduce the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide which is the main contributor to climate change. The speed of growth means that bamboo removes more carbon from the atmosphere over any given period than a natural timber forest. Bamboo sequesters 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare which contributes to efforts to slow global warming.


Manufacturing of the Moso bamboo strands includes compacting under high pressure to produce a solid, dense and durable flooring plank which is more stable and excels in Janka hardness tests, twice as hard as kwila and other hardwoods. Scratch and UV resistant topcoats are applied using Nano technology reaching 25-30mg. This is particularly high for normal household wear. In addition, the nano sized particles provide a smoother finish which repels water and is easier to clean and maintain. A floor fit for many decades has longevity reducing the need for replacement and less waste for landfill.

Air Quality E1

Woodland’s Moso bamboo also meets stringent European standards, for indoor air quality relating to testing for emissions. Test results shows levels of 0.1mg/m²*h which meets the highest E1 standard. This is highly desirable when seeking a healthy indoor air quality compared to some carpets and vinyls.

Choosing a quality bamboo floor ensures decades of enjoyment and easy maintenance. It also guarantees homeowners can breathe easy knowing the choice is good for their family and the generations to come.

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