• Zenku Artec

    Laminado Punta Hungria Obi

    A timeless chevron design that goes beyond the plank for greater versatility.

    Zenku Artec offers the possibility of reproducing authentic French chevron flooring, traditionally installed plank by plank.

    These are floors that don’t require a high level of both maintenance and installation. Timeless designs, used over the years and which now can be replicated in detail, without the limitations that these types of designs bring.

    In both small and large rooms, the 'continuity' technology allows replication of the chevron design by going beyond the 120cm board, creating imperceptible joints where the shape is created only throughout the pattern.

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    Product Summary

    • Abrasion resistant
    • Environmentally conscious
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy and quick installation with press bevel click together fitting
    • Compatible with most underfloor heating systems
    • Stair nosing available
    • Suitable with in-slab piped water heating
    Product information
    Length 1330.3mm
    Width 319.6mm
    Thickness 8mm
    Bevel type Pressed/flat
    Warranties 25 year residential, 5 year commercial, 5 year bathroom
    Sqm/pack 2.1258
    Technical information
    Wear Resistance 6000
    Abrasion Class AC5
    Fire Resistance 10.5 kW/m2
    Slip Resistance 31


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    Key features

    Waterproof Surface

    Water repellent surface, and water resistant up to 48 hours immersion.

    Manufacturers Warranty

    Creations meets high production standards while offering a 5 year commercial warranty and 25 year Residential warranty.

    Low Maintenance

    Quick and easy to clean, simply vacuum and give your floor a mop with a lightly dampened pad using an approved laminate floor cleaner.

    Scope of Use
    • Suitable for use in heavy commercial and residential flooring applications
    • Suitable for any room indoors
    • Suitable for bathrooms
    • Floating installation — no adhesive required
    Limits on Use
    • Not recommended for use inside showers
    • Not recommended for use outside, seasonal porches, boats, or rooms that have the potential for flooding

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