• NZ Floor Installation: Bamboo vs. Laminate Flooring

    Published on 15 Mar 2024
    Unsure about bamboo vs. laminate flooring? As leading bamboo and laminate flooring suppliers, Woodland Lifestyle can help you better understand flooring options for New Zealand homes. After all, it’s important to choose a new flooring design based on durability, sustainability, maintenance, cost, aesthetic appeal and eco-friendliness. Read our bamboo and laminate comparison guide to make the best choice for your interior design.
    Bamboo Floors in New Zealand

    Let’s start with bamboo flooring, one of the most in-demand sustainable building materials on the market today. Bamboo floors are made with compressed bamboo strands for a harder floor than traditional hardwood. The durability of bamboo flooring is hard to beat, as it’s highly resistant to wear and tear and three times stronger than solid oak. Homeowners, renovators and interior designers have embraced bamboo as a newer trend in the flooring industry, with sustainable strength and style that surpasses expectations.

    Bamboo flooring differs from laminate flooring in terms of its innate eco-friendliness and natural look. This durable flooring contributes to sustainable living as a completely renewable resource that’s low-maintenance and long-lasting. Although the cost of installing bamboo flooring may be a bit higher, it’s still much less than hardwood and there are potential savings in the long run.

    NZ Laminate Flooring Installation

    Next, let’s talk about laminate floors. Similar to bamboo in terms of the easy installation process and minimal maintenance requirements, laminate does have the advantage with waterproofing. When choosing between the two, the 100% waterproof laminate surface definitely makes a difference, especially for kitchen and bathroom applications. Bamboo is water-resistant in its own way, but laminate fully blocks moisture with a HydroShield repellent system.

    There’s a wider variety of décor options with different laminate designs and styles available as well, ranging from light to dark oak with unique grain variation and low repeat patterns.

    With no water seeping into the joints, laminate floors have the potential to last for a long time. Laminate flooring also keeps installation costs down thanks to innovative click-in systems. Each plank slots into place easily for fast installation, which ultimately saves on labour costs.

    Final Thoughts: Bamboo Flooring vs. Laminate Flooring

    You really can’t go wrong with either bamboo or laminate flooring. It just depends on your space and style preferences. When in doubt, trust your local bamboo and laminate flooring suppliers to point you in the right direction for your specific application. Remember, bamboo is a naturally sustainable and stylish hard flooring option, while laminate may be slightly less expensive and offers similar durability thanks to smart engineering and a waterproof design. There’s a great variety of low-maintenance flooring options, so feel free to explore different styles and price points to find what suits your home best.

    Trust New Zealand’s Experts in Bamboo & Laminate Flooring Installation

    We hope this guide has helped you with the key benefits and considerations of both bamboo and laminate floors. Whichever one you go with, rest assured Woodland Lifestyle makes it easy to upgrade your floors for a stylish and durable space. Contact us today to learn more about sustainable building materials for durable flooring design in New Zealand.

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