• Best Rooms for Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring NZ

    Published on 01 Jan 2024
    Bamboo floors are in style thanks to their natural beauty and sustainability. Strand-woven bamboo flooring from Woodland Lifestyle is especially popular with New Zealand homeowners, architects and interior designers looking for sustainable building materials. As bamboo floor specialists, we understand the latest trends for bamboo floors, and can give you plenty of examples of rooms where bamboo flooring works well. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of strand-woven bamboo flooring in NZ home design.
    Why Choose Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring?

    If you’re interested in upgrading your flooring with eco-friendly and durable materials, strand-woven bamboo floors are the way to go. This beautiful bamboo flooring offers aesthetic appeal and also advantages like durability and sustainability. Strand-woven bamboo flooring is a long-lasting, environmentally friendly option that’s three times harder than hard oak floors. With all these benefits, plus competitive bamboo flooring prices in NZ, these new floors just make sense.

    Best Rooms for Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring

    As a reputable leader in the NZ bamboo flooring market, Woodland Lifestyle stands by the quality and sustainability of our strand-woven bamboo floors. Made by flattening bamboo fibres in extreme pressure and heat, these floors are high-strength and incredibly versatile, suiting a variety of living spaces. Let’s look at the most ideal rooms for bamboo flooring in NZ.

    Living Room

    We highly recommend bamboo floors for beautiful living rooms that stand out in terms of style and sustainability. Enjoy the distinctive clean and contemporary look of these innovative floors.

    Dining Room

    Bamboo floor options for different rooms extend to dining areas, too. Choose nice new modern bamboo floors that complement the rest of the interior design and make your dining room feel warm and inviting.


    If you want something other than carpet for your bedroom, bamboo is an excellent choice. It’s eco-friendly and elegant and you can always add a rug beneath your bed for a bit of extra warmth.

    Home Office

    Make your home office space look more sophisticated and stylish with versatile bamboo flooring that’s easy to install and clean. With a range of light and dark colours available, there’s something for every home and office.


    Kitchens are another popular room for bamboo floors. With a similar aesthetic appeal to hardwood floors, except with higher strength and greater sustainability, bamboo looks beautiful in the kitchen. Be sure to check out our E3 installation guide and read about how to install bamboo correctly in a kitchen to ensure compliance.

    Interior Design with Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring

    When you work with a reputable flooring supplier like Woodland Lifestyle, you can expect styling tips for different rooms and comprehensive support as you choose the right floors for your space. Keep in mind that furniture can be matched with strand-woven bamboo flooring, and there are eight gorgeous colours available, ranging from natural to mahogany.

    Bamboo Flooring Maintenance

    One more consideration before investing in new floors is that cleaning and upkeep for strand-woven bamboo flooring is fairly simple. Bamboo floors are low maintenance and only need occasional mopping with warm water and white vinegar. You can also scrub with a damp rag if you notice any stubborn stains.

    Find the Best Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring in New Zealand

    Choosing the right flooring for different rooms is important, and Woodland Lifestyle is happy to help with stylish and sustainable building materials. We can get you all set up for success with beautiful strand-woven bamboo flooring in New Zealand. Take a closer look at our bamboo floor collection and reach out to us with any questions about bamboo flooring prices NZ.