• How Does Bamboo Flooring Cope With Pets?

    Published on 05 Apr 2024

    Bamboo flooring is perfect for dogs, cats and other pets. If you like the look of wood floors but don’t want to worry about the ongoing maintenance, bamboo is a better alternative to hardwood floors as it is durable, water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

    Bamboo is 100% Eco-friendly

    Eco bamboo flooring improves both the look and value of your property as it is eco-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. It has a natural, warm appearance and is available in various surface textures, grain patterns and colours.

    High Durability

    Bamboo planks are scratch-resistant and durable due to their unique manufacturing process. Special strand-woven planks have a Janka hardness of between 4000 and 6000, which means they are harder than popular hardwood floors like walnut. This hardness ensures your floors can withstand rough-and-tumble life with pets! And lighter shades in particular are an excellent choice for pets, as they don’t show minor scuffs and marks as much as darker floors do.

    Bamboo Flooring is Comfortable to Walk on

    It remains reasonably warm even during winter, and it’s soft and comfy for your pets’ paws (not to mention your own paws!). 

    Bamboo Flooring is Stain-resistant

    It has a water-resistant surface. The world-leading Uniclic system along with waxed edges help to create a barrier that stops moisture from penetrating the surface. This is a bonus for homes with pets since it allows you adequate time to clean without damaging the floor.

    However, it’s best to avoid using harsh odour control products and steam or wet mopping the floors.

    High Versatility

    Bamboo flooring is available in various forms and can be installed in most rooms such as bedrooms, offices, living areas and kitchens. It is not recommended for bathrooms and laundry areas.

    Natural Antimicrobial Properties

    Naturally, bamboo is antimicrobial meaning it repels mould, mildew and other allergens. It is also resistant to insect infestation such as termites inside your floors. In contrast to carpet or soft fibre-based floor coverings, bamboo is an excellent low-allergy choice for floors. 

    Get the Best Bamboo Flooring For Your Home

    Although bamboo is durable, it’s essential to select high-quality bamboo flooring to ensure it remains strong and beautiful for many years. Woodland Lifestyle offers a wide range of quality bamboo flooring in various colours to match your décor.

    Woodland Lifestyle bamboo floors have a scratch-resistant and UV-protection layer for extra durability. The installation process is simple and cost-effective to ensure your beautiful floors are easy on your pocket. Get in touch today and give your home a sustainable, unique, classy and modern look.