• 3 Signs It’s Time to Switch to Bamboo Flooring in NZ

    Published on 15 Dec 2023
    Bamboo flooring is taking off as a modern solution for sustainable style and long-lasting performance. Made from renewably sourced bamboo grass strands, this flooring type is harder than traditional hardwood and built to last, handling daily wear and tear with ease. As more and more homeowners, builders, architects and interior designers embrace the benefits of bamboo flooring in New Zealand, Woodland Lifestyle is here to help.
    Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

    There are many advantages of bamboo flooring compared to traditional hardwood flooring, starting with the longevity. Bamboo is the hardest wooden overlay floor, three times harder than solid oak so it stands up to heavy traffic and consistent use. Compressed bamboo strands are highly resistant to damage and are strong enough to be used not just in residential flooring, but commercial flooring as well. Then there is the low bamboo flooring maintenance and benefits for the environment, as these floors come from a completely renewable resource.

    3 Signs It’s Time to Switch to Bamboo Flooring

    Given all the benefits of bamboo flooring, it makes sense that more people are making the move to sustainable building materials. Let’s review the top three signs you may want to switch to bamboo floors instead of expensive hardwood or outdated linoleum.

    Wear and Tear on Current Flooring

    Signs of damage or wear to your current floors may indicate it’s time to freshen things up. If there’s a persistent odour from old floors, noticeable stains that won’t go away or multiple cracks and damaged sections that require a full replacement, it’s best to replace your current floors. Bamboo flooring can solve the problem by offering a stylish and sustainable flooring solution.

    Health and Allergies

    Another sign that it’s appropriate to switch to bamboo flooring in NZ is health problems. If you or your loved ones are struggling with respiratory and allergy issues caused by carpets, solid bamboo flooring is a great solution to consider. Bamboo flooring can alleviate allergy symptoms by blocking dander and dust mites, plus it doesn’t retain as much moisture as traditional hardwood.

    Home Renovations

    One more reason to switch to eco-friendly bamboo flooring in New Zealand is the opportunity to upgrade your home style and value during home renovations. While renovating your home, you may as well invest in the benefits of bamboo, which is more cost-effective compared to traditional hardwood as you still get a very similar look of luxurious timber.

    Tips for Switching to Bamboo Floors

    Once you decide to switch to more sustainable building materials, it’s important to choose the right bamboo flooring for your home. Consider the bamboo flooring maintenance and installation requirements, as it should be easy to take care of these floors from the start. The best bamboo floors are backed by a 25-year warranty, so make sure to choose a colour you love that complements the rest of your home.

    Switch to Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring in New Zealand

    Woodland Lifestyle makes switching to sustainable flooring easy. We know how important eco-friendly living is for New Zealand families, and we offer beautiful bamboo floors that live up to expectations. Embrace an environmentally conscious flooring choice with the help of our solid bamboo flooring specialists. Get in touch today to get started.