• What makes our new Oasis laminate range so waterproof?

    Published on 07 Jul 2023
    Woodland Lifestyle offers the luxurious and realistic Oasis laminate range that provides both beauty and practicality for family homes and commercial spaces. 

    With a natural timber palette hand-picked to complement New Zealand’s ruggedly beautiful environment, the Oasis range is suitable for use as a floating floor in indoor light commercial and residential flooring applications. 

    The 3 Critical Parts of a Waterproof Laminate

    Aesthetics aside, one of the key benefits of Oasis is its 100% waterproof surface which is created through several unique manufacturing processes. Oasis utilises the following three distinct technologies to give it superior water resistance even in high-use wet environments. 

    Unicoat Technology

    Unicoat is a water-repellent coating applied to the laminate flooring planks to prevent liquids from penetrating into the joints of the floor and protecting it from any long-lasting water damage. 

    This coating is applied during the production process in such a way that a sealed surface is obtained when the panels are locked together. The coating forms the ultimate protection against water leakages and prevents the kind of visible damage seen on floors that have been exposed to excess water over a long period of time.

    Delivering advanced water-resistant properties, Unicoat withstands both the NALFA test – a series of rigorous tests set out by the North American Laminate Flooring Association – and more demanding wet-cleaning tests that look for leaking of water through the joints. 

    Thanks to Unicoat Technology, Oasis performs to a high standard and prevents water from penetrating the surface. 

    Pressed Bevel Technology

    Pressed Bevel Technology is a higher-quality finish that enhances the appearance of laminate flooring. Delivering bevels that are closer to real wood than ever before, pressed bevels feel more natural with no sharp edges at the top of the bevel. 

    During the manufacturing process, the edges of the Oasis flooring panels are pressed downwards into a bevel, making sure the decor layer and texture of the board continue into the deepest point of the bevel. Because the planks have this pressed bevel on four sides of the board, this subtly helps to distinguish between individual boards and creates an easy-to-clean surface with no dust traps.

    Ultimately, this neater, smoother finish adds to the product’s water resistant qualities by offering a better seal between each panel.

    Uniclic Joining System

    Oasis uses the Uniclic joining system, known to be one of the easiest and most trusted jointing systems for click-together floating floors.

    This glueless locking technology creates a pre-tensioned finished result, pulling the engaged planks closer together to ensure there are no unwanted gaps or spaces between the floorboards.

    Secure interlocking means that movement of adjoining boards is limited when they are walked on, reducing creaks and creating a singular, well-sealed surface result that further resists water penetration. 

    Find out more about the Oasis range

    Oasis flooring offers beauty, durability and a 100% water-resistant surface, plus it is an environmentally produced product with PEFC-certified timber in its core. 

    Woodland Lifestyle’s knowledgeable team can help you select laminate flooring that suits your budget, taste and lifestyle, and suits the modern look of your home. Take a look at our wide range of laminate flooring or contact our friendly team at (09) 308 7948 or email us at hello@woodlandlifestyle.co.nz.

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