• Top Underlay Styles for New Zealand Laminate Flooring

    Published on 15 Jan 2024
    When looking at timber flooring in NZ, it’s important to consider underlays in the overall flooring design. The underlay padding sits between the subfloor and surface flooring material, and it’s important for comfort, sound absorption, moisture protection and thermal insulation. Woodland Lifestyle provides New Zealand’s most trusted underlay options that improve acoustical performance and properly insulate the floor below. Let’s go through the best underlay styles to enhance laminate flooring in local homes.
    Acoustic Underlays

    With soundproof/ acoustic underlay in laminate flooring, you can reduce unwanted noise from footsteps or heavy furniture. While quieter performance is the main advantage of using soundproof underlays, these options are also known for levelling the floor and retaining heat. The top soundproof underlays available in New Zealand include SoundGuard and FloorMuffler.

    Moisture-Resistant Underlays

    When researching the right underlay for your laminate flooring, it’s definitely worth looking at moisture-resistant underlays, which are essential in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom. The right moisture-resistant underlay will prevent damage to your laminate flooring by keeping water from seeping into the cracks. Try SoundGuard or floorMuffler US moisture-resistant underlays to support laminate flooring in NZ.

    Eco-Friendly Underlays

    Choosing eco-friendly underlays is important for a healthier home. A sustainable underlay can enhance the durability, comfort and insulation of your laminate living room or bathroom flooring in NZ. FloorMuffler LVT is an eco-conscious underlay with impressive mould and mildew resistance, otherwise EVA High Grade is a smart choice, too. Whichever style you choose, expect improved thermal insulation for a warmer, more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

    Budget-Friendly Underlays

    Investing in a quality underlay to enhance laminate flooring performance doesn’t have to break the bank. Not everyone can afford the most expensive materials, and a budget-friendly underlay can help homeowners save money on bathroom flooring in NZ. Economy/low-density EPE acoustic underlays are a great place to start, especially with laminate or other light flooring styles. Keep in mind the overall design and construction of the rest of the house and how much underlay you need in total. This will help you plan ahead and make the most of your flooring budget for every room.

    Heavy-Duty Underlays

    New Zealand homeowners, landlords and property managers often opt for premium heavy-duty underlays to better support laminate flooring. The most durable underlay will provide maximum comfort and longevity, and such a high-quality solution will increase the lifespan of your laminate flooring in NZ. SoundGuard Extreme is one of the top options for laminate and timber flooring NZ, with a heavy-duty moisture barrier and outstanding sound reduction. As the name suggests, floorMuffler underlays also deliver great durability and ample cushioning with industry-leading acoustics.

    Explore Different Underlay Styles Available in New Zealand

    Now that you’re familiar with the different underlay options on offer for laminate flooring in New Zealand, you can move forward on your next flooring project. Please get in touch with the trusted team at Woodland Lifestyle to discuss your ideal flooring design.