• Light or Dark, What floor colour suits my interior?

    Published on 13 Jan 2023

    Choosing the perfect floor colour for your space and to complement your interior is not a science so experiment with different options. Light vs dark? Here’s a few tips to consider.

    Room Size

    Whether your space is small or large, the flooring will have a major impact on how the space feels to live in. Do you have a large, expansive space or a tight space that needs to feel wider and more open. The general rule is that lighter shades of flooring such as light oaks or beiges which match the wall colour will make a smaller space feel more open and the walls less defined. When creating more intimate spaces such as bedrooms or home theatres, darker floors such as walnut or dark greys will bring the walls in and the space appear cosy.

    Colours and Style

    Consider your personal style and existing furniture whether it is minimalist, retro, country or an eclectic mix of favourite collected pieces. You don’t want to have to throw everything out so work with your special pieces. If you favour bold feature walls with strong paint colours or patterned wallpapers, ensure your flooring compliments and grounds the scheme. If you want light, airy spaces stick with neutral timbers, timeless blonde or grey laminates and light-coloured walls. Lift the décor with a few key colour coordinated elements such as artwork, pots, glassware and fabrics to add life and personality.


    Light varies gradually in any room at different times of the day. A floor will also take on a different impression under artificial light. Be sure to check out the colour of the floor at different times of the day so you can be certain it maintains its colour and ambience and doesn’t wash out or go darker at night.

    Drama is created with high contrast. Black and whites being the most powerful but consider rich timber colours with strong feature walls and you’ll also have impact. Still not sure, seek out software programs which allow you to scan in a photograph of your room and trial different finishes.

    Words by L M Powell

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