• Guide to the Best Laminate Flooring Brands in New Zealand

    Published on 15 Oct 2023
    Woodland Lifestyle is a top laminate flooring supplier in New Zealand, proudly carrying innovative products from the best brands. We are happy to help with many different floor offerings, thanks to our specialist team who understand what each flooring manufacturer is known for in terms of style, warranty and installation. If you’re looking for the best laminate flooring brands in New Zealand, keep reading our guide for helpful insights on choosing the perfect flooring for your home or office.
    Preferred Laminate Flooring Brands for Kiwi Homes

    Quality, durability, cost-effectiveness and aesthetics are all important qualities to look for when shopping for living room and kitchen flooring in NZ. Let’s take a closer look at Woodland Lifestyle’s laminate brands leading the way in laminate flooring trends.


    Zenku laminate flooring is known as an innovative, unique and environmentally conscious choice. These AC6 laminate floors combine timeless design and high resistance for a durable solution in any living space. Choose from light, medium, dark, and greyish shades with wide, narrow, and herringbone patterns, all featuring gorgeous grain variation.


    Oasis is known for luxurious laminate flooring and realistic timber looks. The contemporary colour range has an attractive variety of oak styles with a pressed bevel pattern and colour matched accessories. The 100% water resistant surface is suitable for any indoor room with floating installation, so no adhesive is required.

    Euro Deluxe

    Euro Deluxe is an excellent choice if you want a luxurious look with an affordable laminate flooring cost. There are 13 beautiful colours to choose from with matching accessories and 3-in-1 smart profiles. Euro Deluxe is warrantied for all residential rooms, including laundries and bathrooms, with UNICLIC installation coming in handy.

    Final Thoughts on Laminate Flooring Brands

    We hope this guide serves as a valuable resource as you make an informed decision when purchasing laminate flooring. Deciding on the best laminate flooring brands in New Zealand is the first step, and then you need to consider proper installation and maintenance, too. Remember to look into any sweeping or mopping required to maintain laminate flooring, and how long the warranty is good for. You can weigh these factors up with the laminate flooring cost to get a better idea of what to expect. The more you know about laminate flooring brands for Kiwi homes, the more confident you can feel in your final choice.

    Shop the Best Laminate Flooring Brands in New Zealand

    In the market for new flooring options New Zealand? Woodland Lifestyle is here to help homeowners, builders, interior designers, and anyone looking for smart flooring solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more about laminate flooring trends and the best brands for new living and kitchen flooring in NZ.

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