• Guide to Hybrid Wet Area Flooring Installation

    Published on 15 Feb 2024
    Hybrid LVP wet area flooring is popular in home bathrooms, commercial kitchens and many other areas where 100% waterproof flooring makes a big difference. Woodland Lifestyle has put together an installation guide with expert tips to help you make the switch to a stylish and durable home. Let’s discuss the benefits of upgrading your wet areas with Hybrid LVP flooring in New Zealand.
    Why Waterproof Hybrid Floors Are a Smart Choice

    There are many flooring options for bathrooms, from porcelain and ceramic tile to traditional hardwood. However, these materials can take a long time to install and maintain, with the potential for water damage if there’s excessive moisture. That’s why more and more homeowners and contractors choose to install Hybrid LVP flooring in wet areas of their home or business. It’s possible to achieve fully waterproof bathroom floors with high-quality flooring supplies and proper installation.

    Key Benefits of Waterproof Hybrid Floors for Bathroom Design

    Hybrid vinyl plank flooring offers exciting benefits when compared to traditional timber or tile floors. With luxury vinyl flooring installation, you can get the same stunning style as hardwood floors, backed by waterproof hybrid durability that stands up to bathroom traffic. These waterproof capabilities come in especially handy for families with young children or pets that may splash around in the bath and shower. Even without little ones, waterproof flooring options provide peace of mind that the bathroom floor is actually designed for a wet environment.

    Waterproof hybrid floors elevate bathroom design, too. You can enjoy a low-maintenance look that closely resembles natural timber, except with impressive waterproof properties. Whether you prefer light or dark wood, there’s a variety of waterproof hybrid floor styles to suit the rest of your interior design.

    In addition to looking good and complementing modern bathroom décor, waterproof hybrid floors also block unwanted odours with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment. Rest assured your bathroom environment is healthier with 100% waterproof floors that stop the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

    What to Expect from Vinyl Flooring Installation in New Zealand

    Another one of the key advantages of waterproof hybrid flooring is just how easy it is to install. While tile bathroom floors can easily take up a full day’s work just to put in, the latest hybrid vinyl flooring solutions simply drop and lock into place.

    The Droplock 100 vinyl flooring installation system joins each plank, offering a lightweight yet long-lasting flooring solution that both DIYers and professionals can handle with ease. Even though the installation is easier, this hybrid vinyl plank flooring is four times stronger than standard vinyl sheet flooring, with lifetime residential warranties a testament to its strength and quality.

    Enquire About NZ’s Best Hybrid LVP Flooring in Wet Areas

    At Woodland Lifestyle, we have several different options available for hybrid vinyl flooring, including Metroflor Genesis, Metroflor Herringbone, Strata Sentry and Strata Premium Hush. Browse all our luxury vinyl flooring and contact us today to get started with your desired style.