• 5 Reasons to Love Euro Deluxe Laminate Flooring in NZ

    Published on 01 Mar 2024
    Looking for durable, stylish and cost-effective flooring solutions? Woodland Lifestyle is here to help New Zealand homeowners with the latest trends in engineered flooring. One of our most popular picks is Euro Deluxe laminate flooring, a family-friendly option that looks luxurious and is easy to take care of. Let’s dive into the five key reasons to choose Euro Deluxe floors for your home.
    Affordable Option for Elegant Flooring

    Euro Deluxe stands out as an affordable alternative to hardwood flooring with the popularity of laminate flooring on the rise in NZ. You don’t need to compromise on elegant appeal, as these floors look like hardwood flooring, just without the high maintenance and hefty price tag. If you love the look of traditional timber but want an affordable alternative, Euro Deluxe is the practical choice without breaking the bank.

    Waterproof Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring in NZ

    Euro Deluxe offers a 100% waterproof surface, so it’s worth checking out for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, living rooms and entryways. The Aqua Protect feature protects against water damage, as these floors are carefully engineered to avoid moisture seeping into the joints. Even if water splashes or something spills, you can feel good about the waterproof features that make Euro Deluxe a long-lasting and stylish flooring choice.

    Easy to Install & Maintain

    Simple installation is another reason why Euro Deluxe is one of the top choices for laminate flooring in NZ. Thanks to the smart design and easy installation process, this laminate flooring can be installed without professional help, saving homeowners money on labour costs. The innovative UNICLIC installation system makes it easy to slide each plank in place with a secure finish to ensure a 100% waterproof surface. This quality HDF board composition has minimal maintenance requirements, making it a practical option for busy individuals and families, too.

    Durable Enough to Last

    It’s also important to think about the durability of Euro Deluxe laminate flooring. This multi-layered flooring solution can withstand general wear and tear, as well as spills, scratches and fading that traditional hardwood floors are more susceptible to. Euro Deluxe lives up to hardwood in terms of durability and longevity, as these floors can last for decades with proper care. You get a 20-year residential warranty with this laminate flooring in NZ, offering peace of mind that the manufacturer stands by its long-lasting construction and performance.

    Aesthetically Pleasing for Any Home Style

    Finally, the benefits of choosing Euro Deluxe laminate flooring in NZ also include aesthetics. This popular choice for Kiwi homes comes in a variety of gorgeous colours with matching accessories, too. This style of living room and bathroom flooring in NZ can complement all home interior design schemes, from modern to traditional. It’s a great way to add character and personality to any space with realistic wood and stone finishes. Warm white, trendy tan and beautiful brown floors are all on offer with Euro Deluxe.

    Find Family-Friendly Flooring Options for New Zealand Homes

    Fall in love with Euro Deluxe laminate flooring in NZ! Contact Woodland Lifestyle today to get started with the best engineered flooring for every room in the house.