• Project Feature: Zenku Creation

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    Published on 02 Mar 2024
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    When it comes to crafting the ambience of your living space, few elements hold as much power as the flooring beneath your feet. The right flooring not only defines the aesthetic of a room but also influences its entire mood and atmosphere.

    This is the concept at the heart of our latest laminate flooring range; Zenku.

    The name Zenku has its origin in the Japanese words Zen and Ku, words that reflect a philosophy in which unlimited creativity is applied to achieve a state of harmonious perfection between the elements that construct a project.

    Zenku’s hyper realistic designs not only replicate any texture in nature, but also preserve the appearance and colour over time. The composition has different layers, for protecting both the floor and decorative layer so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

    A collection born with the aim of creating elegant environments. This range achieves a feeling of spaciousness using unique 320mm wide embossed slats, emulating every last detail of a wooden plank.

    The Zenku Creation Collection mainly stands out for its’ plank size, offering almost twice the width of what most other flooring does. Its variety in tones and designs converts it into a flooring suitable for any project regardless of its style.

    Project Information
    Range Zenku Creation
    Colour Gaudi Oak

    Zenku features:

    • 6 Colours
    • Water Repellent surface and water resistant up to 48 hours immersion
    • Environmentally conscious
    • Easy installation with pressed bevel click together system
    • Compatible with most underfloor heating systems
    • Suitable with in-slab piped water heating