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Why choose bamboo over timber?

Although renowned for its sustainability, the countless benefits of bamboo flooring often go under the radar. When compared to traditional hardwood flooring, bamboo floors are more cost effective, more durable and require less maintenance. 

But what else does bamboo flooring do better than timber?

In this article, we will compare bamboo and timber flooring, whether it’s for your home, business or architectural project.

Is bamboo flooring more affordable than timber?

For most homeowners, hardwood flooring is a luxury due to its hefty price tag. But with bamboo flooring, you can still achieve an elegant and distinctive look for a much more affordable price. 

This is due to the fact bamboo grass grows extremely fast and so takes considerably less time to source than the hardwood trees that provide timber, which can take between 25 and 150 years to mature.

Solid Hardwood also requires a much more laborious and expensive process to install, especially when the flooring is supplied as planks where each must be nailed in discretely. On top of this, additional processes such as waxing or varnishing are required to ensure a top-quality final result. 

At Woodland Lifestyle, we pride ourselves on our easy to install bamboo flooring. It features a DIY-friendly easy click installation system, where no glues or technical know-how are required. You can learn more about it here.

Is bamboo flooring more durable than hardwood floors?

One of the most surprising things about bamboo flooring is that it’s much harder and more durable than other types of wood flooring. It’s highly resistant to wear or scratches, so much so that at Woodland Lifestyle, we guarantee our bamboo flooring for 25 years!

Bamboo flooring is made of dried bamboo strands which are woven and compressed during the manufacturing process. The planks of bamboo then form perfectly engineered flooring boards that result in bamboo having an excellent hardness rating (more than three times that of solid oak).

On top of this, our Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring also features a scratch resistant UV-treated coating which ensures your floors are as long-lasting as possible. 

This makes it the perfect flooring option for busy family spaces prone to wear and tear, as well as commercial environments that undergo high levels of footfall.

Does bamboo flooring look better than timber floors?

There are three types of bamboo flooring – horizontal, vertical and strand woven – each offering its own aesthetic. Horizontal bamboo showcases the knots in the grain while vertical bamboo features a striped, uniform look. Strand woven bamboo delivers a consistent look utilising interlocking fibres which improves its strength and hardness.

Most bamboo flooring in its natural state is a light, golden colour which complements bright, airy rooms, while coffee bamboo offers another popular colour option. Bamboo also offers the opportunity to apply a variety of finishes, stains and coatings to ensure a perfect match to your space.

At Woodland Lifestyle, we also offer the option of colour matched accessories for each of our eight Bamboo colours available, for a clean and modern look.

Why is bamboo flooring sustainable?

Bamboo is a very eco-friendly building material as it grows fast (within 5 years) and can be harvested with minimal damage to its ecosystem – the same stalks can continue to grow back to be harvested again.

When compared to soft or hardwood trees, used for timber, bamboo requires much less time and effort to grow. Bamboo is more sustainable and does not contribute to the pressure for timber which can lead to illegal deforestation.

Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring is sourced from sustainably grown plantations, ensuring it is an eco-friendly, renewable resource.

Bamboo flooring for homes, businesses, and architects

Even though bamboo flooring may be one of the most affordable and hardest wearing flooring options for your project, it’s still crucial to source high-quality flooring to ensure a long lasting floor. 

Woodland Lifestyle offers a wide range of quality bamboo flooring in various colours to match your décor. Get in touch today and give your home or commercial space a sustainable, distinctive and fresh new look.

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