• Help your Environment by choosing Balterio Laminate !

    Published on 06 Jan 2023

    The Overlooked Environmental Credentials of Balterio Laminates

    Creating beautiful, durable floors isn’t just what Balterio is about. Sustainability and the environment are at the forefront of their creations. Balterio is on the top rung of flooring sustainability.

    • 100% natural resources
    • HDF core from certified sustainable PEFC forests (More than 70% recycled timber used)
    • Eco-Friendly resins and adhesives used in binders
    • Aluminum oxide used for surface protection
    • Floating installation – zero adhesives required
    • No chemicals needed for cleaning
    • 100% Recyclable

    What else is Balterio doing?                                        

    • Balterio run their own biomass power plant in which they convert waste material into energy for the production process.
    • Balterio’s ‘Embrace the Future’ program improves the balance between ecological impact, social responsibility and economic progress.


    Ecolabel Logo - Laminate Flooring Solutions - Woodland Lifestyle EU Ecolabel.                                             

    High environmental
    standards throughout
    a products lifecycle.


    A+ - Balterio Grande Wide Laminate - Woodland Lifestyle

    Emissiona Dans L’Air Interieur.

    Indoor emissions standard.


    Pfec - Laminate Flooring Solutions - Woodland Lifestyle

    Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

    Sustainable forest management.



    Ce - Laminate Flooring Solutions - Woodland Lifestyle

    EN 14041.

    Health, safety and energy saving requirements.



    The Institut Bauen and Umwelt e. V.

    Environmental product declarations, sustainable construction.



    Eph Certification - Solid Wood Flooring - Woodland Lifestyle

     EPH certification.

    For management & product systems according to

    DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021.


    Sgs System Certification - Laminate Flooring Nz - Woodland Lifestyle

    ISO 14001:2015    –     ISO 9001:2008       –    OHSAS 18001:2007  

    Environmental management system.

    Quality management, safety, reliability and quality.                                                                     

    Occupational Health and Safety Management